Digital Footprints

Digital Marketing is a key driver for success in business today, but before you can start marketing your business online its important you have a business website for an online base of operations. Take a look at our website design service for more information. With a website in place different digital marketing strategies such as SEO, SMM, PPC can be implemented to build an online presence. The key feature that drives successful digital marketing strategies is the production of digital footprints which trace back to your base of operations.

Our Strategies

Each set of digital footprints have a defined source, this could be anything from a specific promotion to an event location. Either way the viewers are brought back to the source to see whats on offer. Here at Commercial Coding we can build your promotions on your site, and publish tactful, intelligent online adverts that will reach your target demographic.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is more important than ever, Search engines serve millions of users per day looking for solutions to problems they encounter. From a commercial perspective, if you have a website, SEO essentially provides businesses with the ability to grow and meet business objectives. This can be achieved through organic online traffic being pushed to your website resulting in the realisation of business services.

Onsite & Offsite (SEO)

There two types of SEO available - onsite & offsite, and we offer both. Offsite requires building a network of legitimate backlinks to prove your site is credible.

Onsite SEO is a combination of rules which must be applied to a webpage. Some key aspects include:

  • editing unseen page content such as meta titles and descriptions are consistent with visible content ensuring all elements of the page are consistent.
  • Implementing correct structural elements through out webpage HTML
  • Rich text highlighting for important infomration


Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Commercial Coding approach social media marketing in two distinct ways. These are paid SSM and earned SSM. To find out about paid SMM check out our PPC section. The organic approach (earned) where an online presence is built through setting up relevant social media accounts that link back and integrate with websites. Just so you know, we are happy implement these methods for free when we build a website. From that point on, its about pushing fresh relevant content to your social media platforms.

Regular Fresh Content

People think posting content to social media is fruitless waste of time. We know its not,  so long as it's relevant. Relevant content - is content that people want to see, or will grab there attention and bring them into your social page. One great way is sharing posts, or reposting other interesting articles about info in your industry or sector.

seo facebook adwords email marketing