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First App Developer Blog In – probably the last one to be read out

Commercial Coding have finally decided to start a blog. Its been a long time coming and we can’t say we won’t disappoint because its our programming skills that are second to none, not our language, grammar and punctuation. We’re hoping to turn this blog into a ‘what’s what’ in the mobile app design area, mainly iOS and Android. We want to help the public understand key aspects of mobile apps and how they come to be. We’ll focus on coding, app life cycle, development life cycles and some bits on the latest apps and technology.

Hopefully the content will be fresh and interesting enough for readers to keep coming back to find out more. The blog won’t focus on website design but if something interesting does crop up in that field it might be interesting to do a piece on that topic. As it stands the fields are quite separate and so would difficult to tie in together. Back end technologies will be an addition and so this content will act as a cross over between the two.

Feel free to check out our website design services and our mobile app developer services for a look at how we work. Or check out our social media accounts here (Facebook, Instagram)


Now that it’s clear enough what we’ll be talking about in the coming weeks, i’ll wrap this up. Thanks and see you next time.

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